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 Music, the common  

     language of humankind


Ainārs Brumermanis alias DJ Brumo started the DJ trade in 1980’s.  He says: " I’ve lived n the most wonderful times with the best disco, rock and pop music, namely, the 70’s and 80’s". DJ Brumo has observed that also young people love those 40-50 years old hits.

​In 1990’s DJ Brumo experimented with working as a radio DJ. After some experience at a couple of radiostations he realized that the typical formats and boundaries restrict the creative displays of a DJ. Also, the positive energy from the public that is so important for positive emotions, is not available at a radio studio. That is possible only on the stage.

The greatest turn in DJ Brumo’s career came with working on cruise ships. That might sound romantic, but in reality the work is rather hard. The DJs work long hours during the nights and oftentimes entertain the public during the day, too. The work shifts last for at least 7 days in a row. Cruise ship passengers come from various backgrounds and regions thus demanding a DJ to be very flexible and knowledgable about a wide variety of music styles. Cruise ships have provided an invaluable experience in DJ Brumo’s quest to become a universal DJ. 

Lately DJ Brumo has been performing in events of many sizes and formats in Latvia and Northern Europe. He favours DANCE CLASIC: the best hits of 1970’s  1980's and 1990’s in 3-4 hour sets. He enjoys playing sets of mixed music styles, for instance, Disco, House, Funky, Soul, Latino. This kind of music fits well with relaxed events like beach parties, cocktail parties and such. 

DJ Brumo is one of the rare Latvian DJs with a superb video music collection. He has been obtaining and adding to his collection for more than 10 years. Video discoteques are on the rise right now.​


DJ Brumo uses only  the DJ equipment by DENON PRO.

DJ Brumo created BRUMO SILENT DISCO in 2014. This concept is now actively and successfully developed especially in Northern Europe. More about this product

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